Between 2012 and 2017 Ipswich Kettlebells was the proud host of the WK Endorsed Kettlebell Pentathlons and we saw many determined kettlebell athletes make their debut on the platform.

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New Workshops

If you have a venue and would like to find out about hosting a workshop to introduce you and a small group of friends/ colleagues/local residents to the benefits of kettlebell lifting, just drop us an email.

Pentathlon Workshops

In the past we have taken these workshops out to barracks and CrossFit venues, getting more lifters in the know about Kettlebell Sport. We can provide a workshop suitable for experienced gym users or complete novices. For information on booking a workshop for your sport club, CrossFit box or Workplace please contact us.

I took a break from the club in 2018 but continued coaching throughout. I am very glad to be back on the sport club and training scene, and my coaching students range from the severely disabled, adults with mental health issues, youth lifters and club novices alongside some lifters competing at international level.

Training Camps

The studio in Kent provides the perfect setting for a training camp if you want to make progress in kettlebell lifting, away from the distractions from home or work. We run 1:1 and small group weekends, for beginners as well as those more experienced lifters training in Biathlon or LongCycle. If you are interested in booking onto a Camp this Spring and Summer, please contact us.




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Clubbells Workshops

Ipswich Kettlebells has a link to a highly proficient clubbell lifter and coach. We can help you achieve Clubs Workshop Level 1; Clubbells Workshop Level 1 ; Clubs and Clubbells Combined Training Day -please contact us for details of any of these.

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