Training to be on the team



World Kettlebell Club has launched its Online Pentathlon League, and its Gym Partners are actively recruiting right now for team members. This could bring you real advancement in your kettlebell lifting, so give it a moment of your time and consider it seriously.

Why join a team?

Motivation – it can be a powerful tool, having others to train alongside.

Friendships and networking Рnew training partners, and guys to chat with about it all  on Facebook.

Excitement of league – the adrenalin increases that extra increment or two when you’re comparing your performance alongside others’. Wanting your team to do well can really spur you on.

Focus for training – your coach will know what they want of you, and will get to know your work capacity, so your training can result in becoming much more focused, pinpointed on specific training goals.

Online support and programming Рsome participants are enjoying a higher level of support  thorough the Online Penatathlon League season: Skype calls, programmes devised by the coach, videos of sets submitted and plenty of feedback from the coach.

Training days – some clubs are providing live training days, a great chance to get to know your fellow team members and get some 1:1 help and mentoring from the coach.


How to get started:

Do a trial Pentathlon set and film it. Watch it, analyse your own performance, and work out where you are with your training.

Decide whether Pentathlon is for you – we are confident it will suit the training goals of many kettlebell lifters, both novice and experienced.

Contact a WKC gym partner and sign up!

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