Nearly ready…


So, the Pentathlon meet is just a few days away now. The WKC medals have arrived, and the No Count paddles. Registrations have closed, and the flights arranged. Chalk, water, mats and bells – all the essentials – have been sourced. Photographer, music, announcer and officials all organised. Competitors have been training for weeks, months even

It’s a huge responsibility, and from the outside looking in, you might wonder why we would take this on. Here’s my reasoning:

1. It’s the sport I love, and I want to see it grow in popularity in the UK.

2. I have been fielding calls from across the country asking me to direct guys towards WKC coaches and clubs in the UK, and these events are a great way to network.

3. I can’t wait to see my own team, and other guys I know or have yet to meet, get up on the platform.

It’s going to be an awesome day. So, if you can, get across to Southend this coming Sunday and watch some committed lifting, meet some club coaches, and be part of the event.

more bells

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