VF in the UK

We had an amazing 10 days in May 2013 when world champion lifter Valery Fedorenko came to  Europe stopping off in Paris, Portugal and Ireland and we hosted his trip.

Training with a World Champion is an experience no one in the team will forget. For a (then) young club like ours it was an amazing opportunity.  Our thanks to Coach Fedorenko for his encouragement and coaching.
15th may 4
15th may 2
15th may 26
15th may 30
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Coach Cert 54

We were fortunate enough to host Valery again in 2015. He visited England, Scotland and Germany. In England he hosted a Training Camp here with us in Suffolk. We also travelled north with him to visit Forth Valley Kettlebell Club in Falkirk, Scotland. There we completed a VF Mountain Challenge, and a Protocol Event.


vf on mountain



3 coaches on mountain

Scottish photos courtesy of Niall MacKinnon, Head Coach, Forth Valley Kettlebell Club, Alloa.