Kettlebell Champion: Valery Fedorenko

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be both a student and colleague of World Champion Kettlebell lifter Valery Fedorenko. The record he broke at the age of 19 remains some 21 years later. He is an ambassador for Kettlebell Sport.

Valery and I at World Kettlebell StrongSport Lifting Championships Kentucky June 2014


federenko heavy kettlebell lift

Valery Fedorenko

“Valery Fedorenko is a World Champion kettlebell athlete from the former USSR who has records still standing after more than 20 years. A subject of early Soviet Sports Science study, Valery was the first Kettlebell Expert to reveal his methods of super-fitness to the public. Even though he does not compete today, he stays in top condition using his own form of Strength and Conditioning by way of the Kettlebell, and has dedicated his life to bringing that information to other athletes as well as those looking for a simple form of fitness that promotes health and well-being – and at the same time produces results.”

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