Meeting a Challenge

A few days ago, I was chatting with Coach Fedorenko about the VF Challenges currently being put out on YouTube.

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Working to achieve your goals, he said, is all about progressing in the correct way, not finding the easy way. “The best way is really the hard way, you make a series of tough decisions to get the best results. If you want to climb a mountain, the shortest route may seem too tough, so you maybe decide to choose a different longer journey, spiralling up the mountain. It will work, of course, but it is better to move directly, the coach and client will see better results by working steadily upwards.”

So, what is the purpose of the VF challenges? ” First of all, they are to encourage people to be active every day. Some guys don’t want to put up their videos, for fear of negative comments. But I don’t mind if people just put up their numbers. The point of this is a motivation to be active. People should be ready to fail, at least sometimes. They don’t need to try to impress me, and I don’t need to impress them, not on this forum. This is about everyday. Best is one thing, but we don’t wear our best clothes everyday, The VF Challenges are much more about how you are at home, in your workaday clothes, just an honest snapshot of where you are in your training. All I ask is that it’s the best for that day.”

“Let’s stop worrying about what other people think. I don’t mind low numbers, only low effort. Direct and steady progress is what I hope to see. So, when you see a challenge that matches your abilities, don’t just “like” it on Facebook, just do it, and test yourself. I am a coach, trying to get you involved so I can use my experience to help you. If you record your numbers, then when that particular challenge comes around again, you can repeat the challenge too, and compare your numbers.”

“I look forward to seeing people’s numbers on a VF Challenge soon.”

Ivan and VF with young student

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