The best bell…

Exciting news from the US this week, as Valery Fedorenko announced the launch of his new design kettlebell, and we face the exciting prospect of getting the VF Kettlebells in the UK at last!

This is what World Kettlebell Club say about the new bell:

VF Precision Kettlebell™ designed by the champ, Valery Fedorenko.

  • Beautiful handles beyond compare
    • smooth surface that holds chalk
    • diameter guaranteed not more than 33mm
    • anti-rust varnish is clear and easily removable
  • Ultra comfortable design with large flat platforms
    • Less pressure on your forearm
    • Better stability in rack and overhead position
    • Exceeds comfort and performance of our VF ProGrade™
  • Total redesign of the kettlebell and manufacturing process
  • Made of genuine AISI1020 steel, not scrap steel or iron
  • Baked on black Electrocoat – stronger than spray paint or powdercoat
  • no sand core – free of loose sand inside the kettlebell
  • precision weight adjustment – no loose metal inside the kettlebell
  • Specifications:
    • handle diameter 33mm: +0mm / -1mm
    • bell diameter 210mm: +- 1mm
    • kettlebell weight: -0g / +250g
  • All weights are the same dimensions for ease of transition from size to size
  • Available in 10KG 12KG 14KG 16KG 18KG 20KG 22KG 24KG 26KG 28KG 30KG 32KG 34KG 36KG 38KG 40KG 42KG 44KG


We’re really excited at seeing the new bell – we hope to have them for you to see and try out here in the UK in 2013. If like us you are fed up with the substandard competition bells available currently in the UK, next year could put an end to these frustrations. 2013 could well be awesome…

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