It’s all connected

So, back on the path to recovery again, and i have been falling over plenty this last week. Frustrating, but I guess it kind of makes sense, with all that new sensation whizzing around the sole of my foot (well, about 1/3 of it, anyway).It reminded me of that all-important correlation between ground, floor and movement.

In the Jerk, I always have to train barefoot as with so little feedback from floor to foot it’s the only way I can judge when I am lifting my heels. Now, the messages are getting a little confusing, and have caused a few stumbles. Which is fine, it’s all progress, although it’s a slightly warped progress that involves falling over with 20kg overhead!

It made me re-assess the double dip of the Jerk today, while I was watching Ipswich team members in training. When we first learn it, it seems so foreign and we might end up jumping or mis-timing the dip and the lockout, but once we’ve got that sorted, it just seems such a natural way to get that weight overhead.

The next problem is to convince our newer team members that we can’t repeat this heel lift and double dip in Push Press. Something to tackle next session then…

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