This is a SPORT so let’s not make a “system” out of it please!


I will admit to a rant brewing here. I keep receiving posts and emails exhorting me to subscribe to a “system” of kettlebells that will REALLY teach me how to lift. If I follow the link, I get assailed by an array of brightly coloured charts, memes and videos showing me tricks. This is NOT a university (honest, I went to one a long time back, and it wasnt like this!) and I wont graduate from this with anything more than a headache from the loud graphics.

The idea of teaching me wily tricks and shortcuts to lifting is riling me not a little. This is not the Magic Circle, this is a SPORT.┬áLet’s compare our sport to another, more well known sport, say football. We wouldn’t support some guy setting himself up as the University of Football (we would undoubtedly sue for misrepresentation anyone so pretentious as to try it), and we would be less than impressed by anyone publishing ways to get around the rules of the game. If the game is to kick a ball, then kick the ball. If the sport is to lift kettlebells, then lift them, and leave your “Science of Kettlebell Lifting” promotional material to scientists, please.

I am happy to be accused of being partisan here, but I prefer to learn from a coach and former world champion who is committed to Kettlebell Sport. I am somehow less keen on following a coach who is intent on portraying himself as a one man science wizard and academic establishment. WKC is a club, keen to encourage lifters to subscribe to their awesome YouTube channel to learn, and that seems like a saner way forward.

Just saying.


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