I don’t wanna dip!

If it’s all the same with you guys, I am going to pass on double dips in Snatch. I just don’t get it. I get my double dip buzz out of Jerks, and when I am working at Snatch I want to focus on getting the bell up, and want it to be work. I am not looking for short cuts, or methods of saving energy in order to knock out more reps. I’ll get the reps and leave the dips to those who want them. Simply put, if World Kettlebell Club doesn’t promote them, and I don’t even like them,  I am going to stay unmoved by videos on YouTube telling me I need them in my workout.

Snatches are hard work, they’re the most ballistic and gruelling of the five Pentathlon exercises, relying on the most complicated technique, and for many lifters they are their nemesis. They are the least forgiving of moves: it is all too easy to misjudge a lift, to accelerate but with a lack of control, and struggle to stop the bell at the optimum point overhead, or then again to decelerate too soon and end up pressing the bell.  Even when we manage the momentum successfully, and achieve a really steady overhead fixation, there’s still the corkscrew descent, remembering to lean back as the bell comes down into the swing phase. And all at speed. The Snatch has to be fast – I am not even going to try performing Snatches at half speed in training. It just doesn’t work, honest. With all that to get my head around heck, I can’t possibly THINK about squeezing in a double dip!

Just saying…


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