Ready for 2013

Things are looking pretty exciting for next year. The first official WKC Pentathlon meet in the UK in March, and it’s going to be bigger, and better than we could ever have hoped, thanks to the awesome support from Valery Fedorenko and the World Kettlebell Club.

The Kettlebell Pentathlon Spring Open is going to be booked out pretty quickly at the current rate. Registration has been open a week and we have already exceeded the head count at last month’s competition, and we know several clubs are aiming to send a team (including ourselves at Ipswich Kettlebells), so we are planning a much bigger event. The confirmation last night of WKC involvement has moved things up a gear or two, of course, and we are sure that clubs and individuals will want to bring their supporters, so it will be an awesome gathering of Kettlebell Lifters. Every competitor will receive a WKC certificate as well as a Pentathlon medal. Can you afford not to be there?

If you are planning to register, and are holding back because you are unsure of the weights you will require in March, we advise you to register with a guess-timate of the weights, and then get back to us with confirmation by the deadline of Feb 3rd.

If you want more information about entry requirements, visit our website and download the registration form, and then come back to us if you have further questions. Hope to see you on the platform in March!



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