Talking to European Girevoys (5)

kettlebell lifting schweizThis week I have been talking to Gireviks – coaches, experienced athletes and novices – about their year with Kettlebells. I was keen to see some different perspectives on the competitions and training opportunities in 2012, and hear about their personal goals for 2013. Today: Sonia Gervilla, CEO and Founder of Kettlebell Lifting Schweiz

Can you tell us about Kettlebell Lifting Schweiz, what’s been happening for you this year?

Kettlebell Lifting Schweiz is the first official association in Switzerland founded by a female kettlebell lifter. We have been training kettlebell lifting newcomers for a couple of months and four of them participated in November 2012 at the 20th IGSF World Championship in Italy. They represented Switzerland for the very first time in the IGSF history and all of them won a medal. Our association organised this year its first kettlebell lifting charity event against sexual violence. 14 athletes from Italy, France and Switzerland snatched during 10 minutes (with only one change of hands) a total of 30.74 tonnes for this good cause and we were able to donate CHF 3’877.30 to an organisation in Zurich which helps women who experience sexual violence at home. Next year the association has already fixed the date for its second charity event in November 2013. We are thinking of the project we are going to support and we will announce it within the first quarter of 2013. So please SAVE THE DATE: 24.11.2013

I see you are into Kettlebell juggling. It looks awesome. What are the benefits, do you think?

Juggling is a very intense, challenging and holistic workout. You train coordination, concentration, dynamism, endurance and strength at the same time while having plenty of fun. I just love it!

How much do you value competing as a focus for training?

It gives you the possibility to compare your own progression with others. After a competition you can set your personal targets at a higher but reachable level – a fact that motivates especially (but not only) kettlebell lifter who train by their own.

What do you think of the standard of competitions in Europe?

I noticed in a very short time that there is a wide range of variety in “standards”…

What are your personal goals for 2013?

As a coach my personal goal is to continue training athletes at a high quality level and to represent Switzerland with some of them at different competitions.

sonia gervilla


With thanks to Sonia, and every other girevik who gave freely of their time for these blogs. It has been interesting to hear your views…

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