Fedorenko on…kettlebells

This was maybe the conversation I had been waiting to have, to understand my coach’s ┬ádrive for creating and marketing a better bell. I wanted to know what had led Fedorenko to want this. What versions of the training tool Continue reading

Talking to European Girevoys (4)

  This week I have been talking to Gireviks – coaches, experienced athletes and novices – about their year with Kettlebells. I was keen to see some different perspectives on the competitions and training opportunities in 2012, and hear about Continue reading

Getting a taste for progress

Training in kettlebell lifts gets to be a bit compulsive. Your vision can get clouded by the next weight, always just out of reach, or the next competition. If you genuinely want to work and make progress, you will find Continue reading

Studying kettlebell technique

As someone working in the fitness industry, I have often been intrigued by how much – or frequently how little – is offered by various kettlebell-specific companies promoting certification and online modular learning. So this autumn I went back to Continue reading